Helping you recall important details from your everyday phone conversations

Recall is a mobile app that transcribes phone conversations and saves snippets containing important details that are easily searchable. We used a condensed version of the user centered design process to design our solution in under 9 hours.

The Goal

How often have you failed to recollect an important piece of information such as meeting times, meeting locations, dates, email ids, etc mentioned in a phone-call? Unlike emails, text messages, and web-based chat services - phone calls are not archived, and thus there is no way to go back to them in search of content.

We designed a mobile app that can record and transcribe your phone conversations, saving only those snippets containing important details. Users can search for recent conversations by context, such as where, when, or who with the conversation happened, see important details recognised within the conversation, and quickly act on them (for example add a date to their calendar, or a URL to their bookmarks).


Group project for at local hackathon with Amar Kohli, Aravind Ravi, Sonal Srivastava and Surya Vijayraghavan

Project Aspects

Ideation, design, concept presentation

My Role

I took lead in the UI design, converting our wireframes into high-fidelity screens. I then used assets from the designs to create an animated wallkthrough of the UI for our 90 second demo.


Mar 2015 (1 day)

During the hackathon, we interviewed people and asked them what kind of problems they face while recollecting important details from phone calls

We found that people not only remember conversations by who was on the other end, but also by context: Where they were, what time of day it was, and what they were doing when they received the phone call.

User-flow shorthand: 'What the user sees' over 'What the user does'. This provides a very quick and easy way to map out the flow in a system. It is also very easy to collaborate on.

Medium-fidelity UI wireframes

Mapping out the flow and interactions for the android Wear companion app.

Final Thoughts

This was a great experience in using the user centered design process over jsut a few hours. Through careful selection of tools and processes, you can achieve significant results even under tight time constraints.