Transforming everyday photos and videos into exciting, memorable video montages.

A client came to us with patent-pending algorithm that could analyze scenes and objects in photos and videos and use it to create short, compelling, video stories. We designed and built a high-fidelity prototype (MVP) using their video summarization backend service and APIs

Version 1.0 is now on the app store.
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My Role

I was responsible for the visual and interaction design of the mobile and web app prototypes. I designed and developed the web client to be able to test the summarization engine internally.

I then designed and prototyped the iOS app using HTML5 and PhoneGap. By doing this, the client was able to put a working product in the hands of users and business partners before investing in a native iOS application.


Team project with PyramidLabs

Role/Project Aspects

Wireframing, Visual/Interface Design, Prototyping
Web Application, PhoneGap iOS Application


Jan - Mar 2015 (8 weeks)

Process Overview

After understanding the capabilities of the algorigth, we set out to create a user flow for the experience. We then sketched out some of the screens before creating digital wireframes and finally creadted high-fidelity mockups.

Both the web client and the android app are built with web technologies and share a common backend integration for easy modification and testing.

Quick wireframe sketches allow me to think through the design before jumping into Photoshop

The Outcome

The result was a fully functional web application that my team, and the client were able to use internally to assess the capabilities and shortcomings of the summarization engine. While the client was improving his summarization engine based on our findings, my team worked on the iPhone app prototype. With this prototype, we were able to get the product into the hands of a number of potential user and were able to get valuable insights and feedback to incorporate into version 1.0