Helping you plan your dream vacation in Mexico gives you the best deals on hotels, resorts, condo rentals and other fun things to do in Playa Del Carmen. I worked with the designers at to bring their design to life. A mobile-first responsive design ensures the website looks great and loads quick no matter the device you view it on.
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Provess Overview

Before this redesign, experienced huge traffic, and so a major factor to keep in mind when building the website was speed and efficiency. Also, people would visit the site from a variety of device types, meaning responsive design was a necessity

I used a mobile first responsive design approach to ensure quick and efficient loading of assets. Responsive images, icon fonts, and a custom grid framework and type system (with susy and SASS) meant everything looks crisp on all devices, file-sizes are kept to a minimum, and creating and changing templates is as easy as modifying a few variables.


Team project with Rahul Parekh

Role/Project Aspects

Responsive Strategy, Front-end Development, custom CMS development


Jun 2014 - Oct 2015 (4 months)

The Home page

Hotel listings

Detailed hotel description page

The Outcome

The project was a huge success. I've continued to work with the co-founders and the design team at on other projects