A new home for the HCI + Design Master's program at University of Washintgon.

The Human-Computer Interaction and Design is a new, rapidly expanding program at the UW. I was asked to design and develop a new website to assist the program in it's new, ambitious goals.
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The Scope

As graduate assistant: Web coordinator to the MHCI+D program, I set out to design and develop a new version of the program website.

The main features of the redesign include a cohesive type, color and template system, improved information architecture and content discoverability with a mind on extensibility, and ease of customizability and content editing.


Individual project

Role/Project Aspects

Feature requirements, responsive design, front-end development, wordpress


Feb - Aug 2015 (6 months)

Facilitating discoverability

The sidebar of any page serves to cross-link users to relevant supplementary content throughout the site. Blocks direct users to internal and external content pages relevant to the information on the page itself. This helps the user find what their lookking for and discover additional helpful content without having to dig through nested menus.

A repository of 'blocks' that can be added to the sidebar of any page direct users to supplementary information relevant to the content on the page.

Process Overview

Having been in charge of maintaining and updating the existing MHCI+D website, I was well aware of it's shortcomings. I set out to create a new website that looked fresh and was built to be robust and extensible, apart from adding numerous new features.

I reported to the program director and program administrator with occasionally presented to professors from the school of Design for feedback.

I thought up some features that address some of the initial requirements for the redesign and included some 'nice to have' additions as well

Quick, rough wireframes get ideas out of my mind and make it them for tangible. It's easy to identify layouts thta work well and those that don't.

Some prnited sheets containing early UI concepts with annotated suggestions and critique from design faculty.

Final Thoughts

The website launched September this year, just in time for application season. I spent some time explaining the setup to the new webmaster for the program to ensure a smooth transition and together, we also mapped out new features and improvements to implement over the next few months.

If you haven't already, do check it out and let me know what you think!