A two man interaction design studio is the home of digital designers Marius Paun and Robert Man. They recently redesigned their website and asked me to convert their beautiful designs into a functioning website. The catch? No backend or CMS.
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The goal

Being a digital design agency, Deux would expect nothing other than pixel perfection. Also, Deux's project pages all follow a consistent template, except for the color scheme, and Deux wanted to be able to easily add, and modify projects without the bloat of a CMS.


Individual, for PyramidLabs

Role/Project Aspects

Front-end Development, Responsive


March 2015 (2 weeks)

I created an easy-to-use template system for the clients built in SCSS that worked locally, thus avoiding the bloat of a content management system. By defining just a couple of color and size variables, Deux could quickly create themed project pages.

Some of Deux's project pages.


"I had the privilege of working with Aaron on several projects in the last 2 years and I've always been amazed by the outcomes.

He is one proactive developer, an innovative perfectionist oriented on details and results. He is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done.

Aaron keeps everything moving smoothly, he makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project he is working on meets the highest standards. I cannot recommend him more highly."

Marius Paun

Co-Founder, Deux